Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birds-eye View

I feel like the caged bird
Wanting, yearning, waiting
To explore the world on my own
But strings tie me down,
It’s what the world views as limits.
And my eyes see beyond the horizons.
Behind all expectations

There cloudy views don’t foreshadow my thoughts
For one moment
I see the Sun through different colors,
And the stars as the nightlights of a dark night
I’ve open my eyes wide enough to see the colors of a soul.
The brilliance of the mind

I see shadows, sheep’s, and wolves.
I see the rainbows pot of gold.
And to be caged once again trapped exploring the world
With my mind I sing, I sing a song of sorrow
Of how I wish I was
Exploring, flying, hiking, and traveling
Learning how it feels not through pictures
But through these eyes

Monday, June 9, 2008

Parting Seas

Let me go,
I am not responsible
For the actions that you take when I leave.
All I know,
Is that I must travel and take these steps for me.
Thank you for the
Sweet, sweet memories!

My life will never be the same.
But I felt this change coming
Like the tidal waves
It was just as unexpected like
The love I felt for you.
Please don’t make me responsible,
I am not the cause….
Don’t put your dreams on pause.
Just please leave me in good memory.

I’ll think of you with a smile,
Knowing the roads diverged in peace.
That my path will lead me in the right direction
And all will happen with good reason.
Let the tidal waves of time
Wash away the pain….
Let the tears rush down like rain.
Scream my name in vain.

And then one day
When I am not so far away
The tide will go your way.
And we shall rejoice,
The parting seas shall rejoice.

Greatness is Bliss

I am racing with my thoughts
To find answers for the questions
I have asked myself for so long.
I am running at the pace that
Keeps me standing strong
With a will to learn and become
Something GREAT!

But greatness is power,
And power is feared.
Because ignorance is bliss
I won’t close the doors in my mind.
Just because you have chosen to be blind

My vision is not 20/20.
But I can see, I can see.
My eyes look close and cautiously.

With the mind of a fighter,
I fight without having to lift a finger.
Trust me for it is much wiser.

It is the wise that take control.
So I take control of my actions
And I don’t fear to be great.

For it is in you
For it is in me
For it is in everyone.

So don’t allow,Ignorance to be bliss.

Black Sabbath

As I walked into the stadium,
Expecting nothing but the medium
Black Sabbath rocking out in the background.

I walk into the smell,
Of weed, beer and

I stood there,
Asking myself,

Do I belong?

(Guitar solo starts)

Do I belong?

I love rock’n’roll
But I dislike the smell.

I don’t smoke weed,
I don’t drink beer,
But that doesn’t make me perfect.
I am not an angel.
But my debate is,
Whether I belong in,

Heaven or Hell?

Miles Per Hour

Minds running 1,000 miles per hour,
Feet pacing to the beat of the drums
I open my eyes.

I found morning,
With the speed of day
I sneeze to receive a blessing.

Late afternoon,
Still racing towards the night
Not seizing the moment,
All in a rush
In a rush, we can’t wait till work ends.
In a rush, we can’t wait to get home.
In a rush, we can’t wait to go to sleep.

We dream,
We live,
We die.

That is life,
Yet we know nothing about the afterlife.
So humans found a solution called religion
To wash the fear of death away
We live in faith,To hold that optimistic way of living

Years of my Youth

Love can break promises.
And that I’ve witnessed
With my own eyes

I grew up, too much
Too early, too soon -
Some say too early to bloom.
But I grew,
With no male figure to look up to

I found out that daddy
Had many little girls
And never claimed responsibility.

His actions at youth
Taught me maturity
And I am thankful,
I am thankful.


Silence is,
Creeps in,
Screams truth
In every corner

Silence is I
And I am Silence!